My turn: Fishing full of animal dangers

By Clarence Plank: PNT staff writer

Fishing can be down right hairy at times, especially when birds get involved.

My mom wanted to take me fishing one weekend. So to keep me occupied until we could go, she brought me a fishing pole that came with plastic hooks and fish to practice with.

I spent a couple of weeks floating the fish in buckets of water or my swimming pool until the day came. We went out to a duck pond down in Rossville, Ga., that was near a doctor’s office.

My mom put a real hook on the line and showed me how to bait it. She walked around the pond with me while I tried different spots. I had seen a big fish down near a part that was about 2 feet deep so I put my line in. Well, I didn’t know it, but sitting in a bush behind me was a goose guarding a nest of eggs. And I wasn’t prepared, because my swimming pool did not have a goose nest option.

Before my mom could say anything, the goose attacked. I was in the pond, with a fresh goose bite on my leg.