Words of wisdom: Kindergartners share thoughts on school year

By Argen Duncan: PNT senior writer

Kindergarten provides the strong foundation for education, a Portales kindergarten teacher said.

“That’s where they learn their alphabet so they can read, numbers so that they can count, social skills so that they can be good citizens,” Brown Early Childhood Center teacher Lynne Walker said.

Fellow teacher Erin Mitchell said kindergartners also learn to follow rules.

“You have had a good year when at the end of the year, everybody’s smiling, everybody’s happy and they’ve met all of their academic goals,” she said.

As they finish their foundational year, Portales kindergartners said:

What they learned:

• “I know sight words.” — Diego Ramos

• “Numbers. To count by 10s.” — Jessie Duran

• “I learned to fish.” — Gabriel Romero

• “Spiders can shoot webs.” — Sean Cradall

• “About learning. To write. To be safe. About not hitting someone. And watch out where you’re stepping, and also where you’re putting your hands.” — Logan Grady

• “Reading.” — Alyssa Birkholz

• “To share.” — Jesi Smith

How they do a good job in school:

• “We listen.” — Kendra Martin

• “Manners. Say nice words.” — Jessie Duran

• “I don’t fight with no one.” — Juan Jesus Rojas

• “Not scribble.” — Jodaci Lucero

• “When I get, like, special privileges (it’s a motivation) to get your work done.” — Tristen Mooney

What they would tell next year’s kindergartners about how to have a good year:

• “To be nice and play safe and always make sure you’re doing your work right.” — Griffin Hooker

• “When we go on field trips, don’t act too rowdy.” — Will Wallise

• “To be safe. To listen. To work hard.” — Emma Hart

• “To share. You can be nice.” — Riley Shillings

What’s important about kindergarten:

• “To listen.” — Ave Evanoff

How to have fun:

• “Swing.” — Emilio Rivas

• “My playground.” — Connor Tomlinson

How to have a good day:

• “Work.” — Marisol Amparan

• “I play with Marisol.” — Andeana Perez