My turn: Facebook friends talk cats

By David Stevens: Editor for Freedom New Mexico

I asked Facebook friends for stories about the best cats they’ve ever owned.
Pep’s Betty Williamson offered the tale of “Fizz Bomb,” named after a “Western Horseman” cartoon character:
“Fizz ruled our roost for many years and is remembered for fishing from our aquarium and hitchhiking between our house and our corral,” Williamson wrote. “She’d sit by the side of the road waiting for one of us to drive by. When we opened the door, she’d hop in and then she’d hop back out when she got where she wanted to go.”
More favorite cats:
Clyde Davis, Portales minister: ‘“Bill the Freakin’ Psycho,’ named after the psycho cat in ‘Bloome County’ comic strip. By the way, you never really ‘have’ a cat, just be friends with one.”
Jed Davis, formerly of Muleshoe: “The best cat I ever had was the one that ran off. That’s what I liked about him.”
Tracy Lecocq, daughter of longtime Portales News-Tribune columnist Bob Huber: “Best cat was a motley gold-black calico pregnant stray who was found hunkered under a mesquite bush in Santa Fe … Charles (my son) came running in to tell me we had a new cat and Grandpa had already named it: ‘Uglycuss.’”

David Stevens could use more Facebook friends.