Reader submitted content: Racquetball tournament draws 28

By Michael Doerr: City of Portales Athletics Director

On May 21, Portales City Sports held their first Adult Racquetball Tournament.

The tourney was held at Eastern New Mexico University, and 18 people participants in two brackets, the Blue Bracket and the Red Bracket.

Joshua Johnson, an airman from Cannon Air Force Base, won the Blue Bracket. Scott Long, a racquetball pro who lives in Portales, won the Red Bracket.

The tournament marked the end of the Portales City Sports Racquetball Adult Season, which runs from April 5 through May 21.

A total of 28 participants competed in three leagues: beginner, intermediate and advanced leagues. All member received free entry into the tournament through the league.

Portales City Sports offers racquetball four times a year: January, April, July and October.

Coming up next is an Adult Tennis League running from June 1 until July 2, with a tennis tournament following the season.

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