My turn: Apology to my Facebook friends

By Wendel Sloan: PNT columnist

Thanks to my technical ignorance, I may have accidentally offended a number of Facebook friends.

After recently discovering the “Like” button, when I’ve been especially enthusiastic about a post, I’ve been clicking twice — thinking this was like adding an exclamation point.

Well, I found out this week that two clicks turns “Like” into “Unlike.”

So, my apology to everyone who announced the birth of a child or grandchild, cruised the Greek Isles or prepared a masterpiece.

I assure you I have nothing against children, Greeks or food.

My regrets to those who have graduated, received a promotion or gotten married.

My remorse to everyone who has run a benefit marathon, adopted a puppy or visited a nursing home.

My amends to those who have recommended inspiring movies, stimulating books or dynamic speakers.

My prostrate body lies before those who have volunteered for Habitat for Humanity, Meals on Wheels or the Special Olympics.

To my friend who posted that the U.S. has no business helping foreign victims of earthquakes and typhoons, I must admit that, by then, I knew what two clicks meant.