My turn: Get creative with fishing rod

People have the most interesting uses for a fishing pole, even if they never wet the hook.

I heard about a professor who studies lizards by watching and sometimes catching them on a nature TV show.

He took an old fishing pole and put a loop-type noose on the end that he can open and close with ease. It’s something like prairie dog anglers use to catch those troublesome ground squirrels.

The pole is long enough that he can grab them before they even know what happened.

Some carnivals and churches use small, plastic fishing poles that have just a string or a plastic hook. Children drop their lines behind a booth or something and someone ties a toy or a gag gift on the end, which completely makes some kid’s day.

What have you done with your old fishing pole? Inquiring minds want to know.

Did you make something useful and handy to have? Or did you strap on a couple of feathers so you can tease the cat or dog for hours of entertainment and exercise?