My turn: Summer never boring

By Helena Rodriguez: PNT columnist

One summer, as a child, the only tough decision I made each evening was, “Do I take my purple tricycle around the driveway for a few laps during commercials or wait here so I don’t miss any of ‘Bewitched?’”

Usually, I’d take my purple tricycle for a spin, and then rush back to see how Samantha got Darren or “Durwood” out of her mother’s latest spell.

During those lazy childhood summers, we were couch potatoes. Unlike many kids today, we made up for it with plenty of swimming and running, with evening games of freeze tag, kick the can, hide and seek and relays.

When we went swimming, we walked home, too.

With that disclaimer said though, summers were a memorable time of blocks of TV watching.

As comedian George Lopez jokes, we kept time by what program was showing. When we were not in a summer recreation program — I miss the old North Portales Community Center — we were at Grandma Emma’s.

The unwritten rule was grandma had the TV from morning “Price is Right” with Bob Barker, until her soap opera, “Edge of Night.” Then it was our turn.

We watched “Gilligan’s Island,” “Brady Bunch” and “Partridge Family.”

Whether watching TV or playing outdoors, we rarely got bored. Maybe because there was many of us kids.