My turn: Serious anglers find ways to fish

Clarence Plank

Avid anglers go through some serious effort when it comes to catching that prize-winning fish for their next meal.

Portales Senior Center Director Dawn Kryder is one serious angler.

When Kryder went to Oasis State Park in February, she found the pond covered with more than an inch of ice except for a crescent-moon-shaped section on the east side.

This is where all the other fishers were gathered. But not all were satisfied with the conditions, so they tried to find a way to break the ice.

One guy tied a rope to some horseshoes and tried to sling them hard enough to break the ice — but the horseshoes bounced off. The ice made a ringing sound, something like a sheet of metal vibrating.

Kryder said she tried to use a stick, only to have it break off in her hands. So she finally just climbed out to the edge and used her foot to pound the ice until it broke.

Result: She was able to catch some trout that day.