Tubin’: Beauty of nature’s carnage

Jared Tucker

Nature is awesome. Even though it’s also graphic and brutal at times, it’s great to watch nature in action when someone captures it on video.

A YouTube user named TabulaFilms posted a graphic, yet entertaining video of a tarantula (Theraphosa blondi) attacking a little white mouse, and parading it around its glass cage.

The camera man, along with his buddies and freaked-out girlfriend, watch as the unsuspecting mouse walks by and gets clawed in the skull by the tarantula’s fangs when it attacks.

This video is not for the meek, or for anyone who would be inclined to say, “aww, poor little mouse,” like the girl in the background.

However, if you enjoy watching the beauty of nature’s carnage:


Or just do a YouTube search on “Tarantula eats mouse.”