My turn: Mother Nature unstoppable

It’s been said nothing can stop a speeding train.

Well I beg to differ.

Mother nature not only stops a train in this week’s video selection, she blows one off the track .

During a storm in January 2008, featuring 165 mph winds, a train was traveling through McHenry County, Ill., and unsuspectedly into the path of a tornado.

There was a video camera mounted to the back of the locomotive.

The sky appears to be partly cloudy, sun shining…an otherwise nice day.

Within a mile or two, the situation gets ugly.

Rain, followed by blowing debris starts to come into view, when all of a sudden part of the train gets blown off the track.

The locomotive comes to a stop, and gets plowed into by a tanker car carrying hazardous materials.

No one was seriously hurt in the crash, or the tornado.

Get de-railed: or search: Train vs. Tornado Spectacular!