Meetings watch: RGH board

At the Roosevelt General Hospital Board meeting Tuesday board members:

• Heard from Chief Financial Officer Eva Stevens that the hospital and physicians clinic ended the 2009-2010 fiscal year with a joint profit of $620,000. Stevens said that number is preliminary, but she doesn’t expect significant changes from coming adjustments and auditing.

• Heard from Stevens that for June, the clinic had its highest-ever gross revenue of $544,000 and almost broke even with a $10,000 loss for the month.

• Heard from Stevens that patient numbers were high for June, which is usually a slow month. Admissions increased 30 percent compared to June 2009, she said after the meeting.

• Approved a $25 million budget for the current fiscal year. Stevens said she expected more revenue this year, which comes with more expenses.

• Heard Administrator Larry Leaming say he asked the medical staff to change bylaws to require credentialing for the contractors and temporary workers doing medical work. He said those providers would have to give documentation proving their qualifications, much like regular employees do.

• Voted to continue supporting RGH’s reapplication as a Level 4 trauma center.

After the meeting, Assistant Director of Patient Care John Bridges said hospitals in New Mexico get a level designation of 1-4. As the numbers increase from 1 to 4, they indicate a decreasing number of surgical specialties available at the hospital to treat trauma. Hospitals reapply for their designation every three years.

Bridges said RGH’s redesignation at Level 4 would bring in $154,000 of state money to improve trauma care.

• Heard physician’s clinic Administrator Tina Hill say her staff was in the midst of a software conversion intended to improve processes in order to get reimbursements the way the clinic should. The RGH clinic is the first in the nation to use the software.

• Approved a proclamation for a hospital board election during the general election in November. Lydia Ornelas’ District 1 seat is to be up for election, as is Terry Cone’s District 2 position, Cone said.

The filing date for regular candidates is Aug. 25, and the write-in candidacy filing date is Sept. 1. Candidates can file at the Roosevelt County Clerk’s Office.