My turn: Motorist ends up on YouTube in roundabout way

I’ve done pretty dumb things behind the wheel of a car in the past. But I have never tried driving through the center of a roundabout, like the guy in this video.

A church in Clovis has a camera facing the intersection of Llano Estacado and Norris streets, directly on the roundabout. And personally, I’d like to shake the hand of the person who put it there.

September 28, 2006, was a nice, sunny, clear day, and someone was driving at a high rate of speed east on Llano Estacado in a gold car.

The driver never hits the brakes, jumps the small divider, hits a wall and lands in the center of the roundabout.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not some whack-job that thinks it’s funny when people get in car crashes. But this is hilarious.

I certainly hope the driver wasn’t injured, and never applies to drive a taxi cab in England.

Don’t forget to use your blinker:

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