Man’s reaction to ticket priceless

Jared Tucker

Next time you get pulled over and issued a ticket, don’t do what the guy in this video does.

Now normally, if you put your hand on a police officer, you’re probably going to get yanked out of the car by force, slammed on the ground and taken to jail.

I don’t know where this takes place, but a man is pulled over for speeding. He’s mad at the officer for pulling him over, and delaying his trip to pick up dog food.

The officer maintains his composure, even after the driver yanks the ticket book from his hands, and proceeds to yell obscenities at the trooper.

The trooper exercises polite sarcasm as he explains the procedure to pay the ticket or fight it in court.

When the trooper tells the man his fine is $137, the man goes crazy. It’s a gut-bustin’ good time watching this man throw a temper tantrum on the side of a busy highway.

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