Businesses put sales online

Internet business is a good thing as far as two Portales entrepreneurs are concerned.

The Main Place owner Suzi Webb opened her storefront business on the Portales downtown square last year, but started her Internet business a decade ago when they were on Ebay. contacted Webb in 2003 about joining the website. Webb said they have a high volume of clothes being sold over the Internet.

Now, she said, 98 percent of their business is through the Internet.

“It has been an amazing experience,” said Webb, noting her line of clothing for children is the only thing she sells on the Internet.

“They asked me to come on board with them to be the first childrens retail store on Amazon.”

Webb said they’re an Internet retail business, but they also offer things for the community at their downtown bricks-and-mortar store.

“The demand is very high,” Webb said. “We ship a lot of things all over the world, every day.”

Business owner Julie Rooney started Let Her Be Little Boutique to give parents a place to shop for childrens clothing, which she makes and then sells online.

Rooney said it was simple starting her business because she opened a free storefront through a website called, which deals with handmade or homemade items.

Rooney said she has been online three years and business has been fairly consistent.

“My sister came up with the name. It’s from a song about letting children stay little and not growing up to fast,” Rooney said. “I got into the business because my daughter started growing up and I didn’t like the options that were available to her. So I started sewing for her. My husband mentioned that there might be other mothers who think like that so, I got online.”