My turn: A couple of words say a lot

More obituary snippets from the Dallas Morning News:

• An 84-year-old couple and an 86-year-old couple each died one day apart. The latter married in their native Mexico in 1950 and had “a life filled of true love”

• A 73-year-old man, one of 11 children, worked “repairing barges and musseling.”

• A 91-year-old woman, who spent summers in Mexico golfing and butterfly collecting with her husband, “particularly appreciated watching the Mavericks and was especially enthusiastic about the Rangers this season!”

• A 90-year-old retired Braniff Airways pilot, who led a Dixieland band, received an FAA commendation for a successful one-wheeled landing in Memphis.

• An 89-year-old lifelong musician became an Air Force captain at 22 and “rain or shine, he was always ready to play a round of golf.”

• When a 35-year-old female funeral director died, “Heaven received a beautiful angel.”

• An 86-year-old man who helped build the King Ranch “determined that poker was more his gifting than hard labor.”

• A 72-year-old man is survived by “four rowdy brothers-in-law.” After causing a first-grade classmate to laugh so hard she snorted milk out of her nose, he “felt his great contribution was laughter. When you think of him, grin. He had a great ride.”

• A 100-year-old woman was “born on a mountaintop in Tennessee but became Texan by choice.”