My turn: Be cautious when camping

Camping has changed over the years. It has grown from families with tents or sleeping bags to RVs.

How is an RV with a satellite dish, hot and cold running water and beds roughing it?

Anyway, for those experienced or inexperienced campers out there, here are some helpful tips:

• Make sure when you buy your tent that it is durable, light weight and comes with instructions.

• Pick a nice spot to set up the tent. You might have to clear some things from the ground if you are just sleeping in a bag.

• When setting up the tent, read the instructions carefully. If you happen to notice that something is missing, always retrace your steps to make sure you didn’t overlook it or place it somewhere else.

• In recent weeks there have been a few human/bear encounters due to a shortage in bears’ food supply. Bears have been known to come into camps searching for food. Be careful how and where you store food.

• If the tent fails, make sure there’s a hotel close by with room service and cable TV.