My turn: Exercise with caution

You know, a healthy lifestyle and eating right is certainly okay…staying active and keeping fit is great, for those who do it. Oh yeah, don’t forget to stretch before any physical activity… just don’t do it like this guy.

This week’s video is a clip that is obviously of a new fad-exercise technique, using a medicine ball. Anyway, the idea of this technique, is to bring the medicine ball above your head, getting a full-length stretch in your abdomen, then slamming the ball into the ground. So the guy in this video slams the ball into the ground with all his might, and the ball returns with the same amount of force, hitting him right in the chin. You may not find that funny at first… because I didn’t, until the slow-motion replay comes in. So the video isn’t a super gut-buster, but definitely deserves an honorable mention. Oh, by the way… I’m going to start featuring pictures and videos from soon. Keep readin’.

That might leave a mark: