My turn: Choose words wisely

I guess I need to be more careful about describing myself as “ultra-conservative.” Somehow I’ve gotten on an extremist distribution list.

One recent e-mail showed presidents Reagan, Bush W. and Clinton speaking at podiums with U.S. flags.

Then it pictured “Barack Hussein Obama” (with Hussein boldfaced), and asked what was the difference — before pointing out his podium was flag-less.

It then exhorted “real Americans” to wake up to his “anti-American” agenda.

Of course, the e-mail gave no context about where the speech was, or whether the president was consulted about the backdrop.

Another e-mail warned that “true Americans” may have to take up arms against government officials to prevent “losing” our country; another compared a photo of the First Lady with an ape.

If the group’s agenda is simply rough and tumble politics, I support everyone’s — Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Tea Partiers, Survivalists, etc. — right to play hardball in persuading voters to support their views.

But if they actually believe their drivel, I have a bargain for them on the “Portales Bridge” and will guarantee it was built exclusively by macho dudes with Anglo-sounding names — like Wendel — and has never been darkened by anyone with a foreign-sounding name — like Chef Juandel or The Anglo Mariachi Cowboy.