My turn: Better to be prepared

Hunting season is around the corner so here are some more tips:

• If you are using a hunting dog this season make sure they have their tags and their shots up to date. A dog can get lost or come in contact with animals that carry rabies.

• Always carry your permits, license and other information with you.

• Make sure to scout the area where you’re hunting, whether you’re alone or with a friend, before the season opens. This gives you a lay of the land before the season starts and you might be able to see if deer, elk or other frequent the area.

• When setting up tree stands or blinds, always make sure they are securely attached, level, free of wildlife. Nothing ruins a hunter’s season faster than falling from a stand or being bitten by a snake in a blind.

• Don’t drink and hunt. Alcohol and firearms don’t mix.

If you have any photos of that prize catch or perfect trophy please send it in. We would love to publish your pictures.