Second Stripes store location planned for November

Argen Duncan

A new Stripes convenience store is going up at the corner of 18th Street and Avenue D.

Stripes Vice President of Marketing Rod Martin said in an e-mail that the new store is expected to open in late November and create 18-22 jobs.

Portales already has one Stripes, at Lime Street and U.S. 70. Martin said the company has been pleased with the store.

“New Mexico is an important market to us, and we intend to grow our business in many New Mexico communities, including Portales, Clovis, Hobbs and other areas,” Martin said. “We recognize that Portales has had a number of positive additions in the past few years, and opening a new store in this area makes sense to our business and is an added benefit to the local economy.”

Roosevelt County Community Development Corporation Executive Director Greg Fisher said he had been working with Stripes representatives for more than a year, making them aware of the local economic conditions and encouraging them to build. He said the company had owned the property at 18th and Avenue D for some time.

“It’s good to see retail investment in Portales when much of the nation is experiencing a decline in retail and many retailers are shutting down stores,” Fisher said.

Fisher said the new Stripes would bring millions of dollars in investment and new payroll to Portales.

Construction began about two weeks ago.

Martin said the store would feature a Laredo Taco Company, which provides mostly Mexican food made in front of the customer.