Still blessed with memories of Granny Lowe

Her name was Anne Haseltine Langley Lowe. She was my great-grandmother.

She had 11 children, the second born, Lillie Anne Lowe Farrar, being my grandmother. Her daughter, Gladys Rosalyn Farrar Foster was my mother.

My Granny Lowe never missed a service in that little Baptist church in Clarendon, Texas. Her sweet spirit and love for others endured until her late eighties. She went to be with the Lord when I was in my twenties, but her memories still affect me today. I am so glad that my great-grandmother loved the Lord. She influenced my grandmother, who influenced my mother, who influenced me.

She had no modern conveniences. She washed clothes on a washboard. She cooked on a wood-burning stove and there was no indoor plumbing. She was poor according to the world’s standards, yet she was more than a millionaire when it came to spiritual blessings and riches.

Granny Lowe’s indomitable faith gave her a long good life full of peace, joy, hope and victory. Her “hope was built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness.”

She loved to write poetry and wrote many poems about her children, marriage, Sunday school class, and her love for the Lord.

Sept. 12 is “Grandparents Day.” The following poem written by my great-grandmother around 1935 reflects her love for God and his faithfulness. It is a wonderful reflection for life today and it is with love and a tribute that I share one of her poems.