My turn: Siblings priceless

Helena Rodriguez

How many of you would trade in your brothers and sisters for a lump of cash? Sounds tempting.

Kinda like Cash for Gold.

But seriously, would you trade in your siblings for a bigger inheritance from your parents?

There are some things money can’t buy; the constant annoyance, catch-scratch fights and squabbling with our “parents’ children.”

Of course, with that comes irreplaceable memories, life lessons and love-hate relationships we wouldn’t trade for anything.

How many an only child longs for a sibling? I have four sisters. We’ve had more than our share of fights throughout the years, but would I cash them in? Well… no.

There’s a misguided belief that our world is overpopulated and a trend is people having smaller families. Most do this with good intentions; to provide children with more financial security.

But what are they really losing out on? I only have one child but I often wish I had more.

In China, where they have the one-child rule, the government is considering rescinding this. Why? Because they want their citizens to stop being deprived of siblings?

Well, actually, they’re realizing there’s not going to be citizens in a few decades to support their elderly population. Wrong thinking, perhaps, but big families often means happier families.