Portales school news

In the spotlight…Learning Lindsey’s history

By Desirie Urioste

By interviewing classmates from the graduating class of 1976, we came to learn that Lindsey Middle School was not a school for only 5th and 6th graders. Lindsey was a grade school 1st through 6th along with Steiner, Brown, and James. Back then, you went to the school closest to the location that you lived. With Lindsey’s location, it had the highest percentage of Hispanic students. Because students went to elementary school based on where they lived, not all the students knew each other. It was explained like living in different towns. You mostly only knew students at the school you were attending.

Then, when entering the Junior High School it was a different world because all the students came together as one school. Students did not know each other but made the best of it. One of the students that attended school then said that it was a huge change for everyone and at first very difficult. There was a lot of conflict between the students because they came from different schools and areas.

The class of 1985 was the first to experience the school when it changed to only having 6th graders. This meant that the students came from all neighborhoods to attend Lindsey. Students from this graduating class felt that it was a good change. It was different but eventually everyone made new friends and the location of the school no longer mattered.

Today Lindsey Steiner Elementary School has a new look as well as a new name. It was remodeled this year and is seen as one of the nicest schools in Portales. It stays located in the same place as it always has and everyone takes much pride in the school. The new school has a 5th grade wing and a 6th grade wing. It is amazing how far Lindsey Middle School has gone.

Today neither location nor race matters at all. It’s all about the education of the students. It’s a great learning environment for everyone! Lindsey-Steiner holds many past memories and plenty more to come.