My turn: Food can be fun

Local dairywoman Michelle Heavyside told me she and her children filmed a cooking segment in New York for Borden Cheese recently.

That sounded like a little local prestige, and, well, it involved food, so I watched the segment online.

Michelle, her son, Hatcher, and her daughter, Grace, are in the kitchen with Barbara Beery, a best-selling children’s cookbook author. They make Tutti Fruity Cheese Kabobs, and then Beery shows them Cheesy Flower Nachos.

For the kabobs, the kids thread strawberries, grapes, pineapple chunks, star-shaped watermelon pieces and, of course, cheese — mozzarella part-skim string cheese, to be specific — on wooden skewers. Then, Grace and Hatcher stick the full skewers into apples set in small flower pots.

Being a fan of fruit and cheese, I think the kabobs look like a great idea. You could also customize them to your own tastes for a snack or party.

The Cheesy Flower Nachos were apparently flower-shaped tortilla pieces topped with black olives, melted cheese and grape tomato halves. Pieces of green bell pepper made up the leaves and stems.

I would’ve had fun making those recipes as a kid. You can find the segment at