Positive thoughts keep negativity at bay

Joan Clayton

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of hearing bad news. The media predicts doom and gloom. Negativity is spread everywhere and any day Chicken Little will say, “The sky is falling!”

Let’s look for the good. Let’s learn to trust God and be happy.

Someone has said, “Worry is the darkroom in which negatives are developed.”

I say, “Be in love with life.” Every day give at lease one person a piece of your love.

I have found 20 thoughts for a happy life. I’m sure you can find many more.

1. Where there is true love, there is life, and where there is life, there is joy. (I have been holding hands with my husband for many years. Those same hands that carried my books at school took my hands in his and pledged all his love to me on our wedding day.)

2. Expressing gratitude is a great habit. (Thanking the many people who do things for you brings joy and makes life more positive, gracious, loving and blessed.)

3. Live life on the winning side. (We may be only one person in the world, but we may also be the world to one person. Fight the good fight of faith and win the prize!)

4. Love holds this world together. (Love is spending time with a loved one. When my husband whispers, “When I’m away from you, you are all I think about,” I feel like a queen!)

5. If I want more love in my life, I must create more love in my heart. (If I want to be blessed, I must be a blessing. If I want to be truly happy, I will think about how to make others happy. What I give to life returns to me.)

6. Strong godly families are a nation’s greatest resource, providing leadership, loyalty and faithfulness.

7. Spending a lifetime gaining wealth and then spending the wealth to regain the health is not productive. (Be content with what you have.)

8. Live today and live it well. (It will make every day a memory of joy and every tomorrow a day of promise.)

9. Whatever season of life you are in, it can be beautiful.

10. As far as I can see, I’m just a speck in eternity, so why sweat anything?

11. To keep your grownup children, you must let them go.

12. A child who is loved and nurtured can achieve the impossible.

13. Life is like a football game. (You may drop the ball and be tackled, but we don’t have to wait until we get to the finish line to cheer. Let’s cheer now. It’s great to be alive in the game of life.)

14. A happy person makes a happy world. (It’s all about being thankful today and every day.)

15. Today is a brand new day. (Make it sparkle. Put on gladness. Let the celebration of life begin in you.)

16. Listening to others can be a path of wisdom.

17. Each day is filled with blessings just waiting to be discovered.

18. Our rottweiler dog chased a banty hen away from his food every day, yet the hen never gave up. (One day she quit running. Then she always ate with the dog. Courage comes in little packages!)

19. If I think I’m ripe, I’m rotten, but if I stay fresh and green, I am still growing.

20. Throughout the many years of my marriage, I have learned the real reason that attracted me to my “ one and only.” (The secret? A loving heart.)