My turn: Local entertainment tips sought

Alisa Boswell

It suddenly hit me this morning as I sat down to write my fourth event article for the last week that my life has become a portal for local entertainment. But it also occurred to me that I really don’t mind. In fact, I enjoy it. I am a person who enjoys various forms of entertainment and being able to be in the middle of some of it has been fun. I enjoy being able to see a play or an art piece from the viewpoint of the excited creator and the spectator.

It has been a genuine pleasure covering all of these events and being a part of people’s special days, but the dilemma of covering events for feature stories is I cover them before they happen and not after, which brings me to the dilemma with my column: There is not always a major event or production going on in Clovis and Portales before my column’s deadline.

This is why I am turning to my readers for inspiration. My e-mail address is below, so please feel free to e-mail me with tips and ideas for smaller events taking place in the area, whether it be a major event or just some local musicians jamming in the park.