Their turn: Chandler dedicated to fighting crime

Clovis’ Michael Reeves, a New Mexico law officer for 27 years, weighs in on the state’s attorney general race in this letter to the editor:

My first recollection of Matt Chandler is when I saw him as a small child peering over the dash of his father Caleb’s police unit.

As is often the case with dedicated police officers, our Deputy Chief Caleb Chandler had to respond to a situation even though he was with his family. I remember the fascination in Matt’s eyes as he watched the police officers go about their business under the direction of his father. I realize now that even at this point in his life, law enforcement was in his blood.

I watched as Matt grew up in the community and followed him as he graduated from high school and kept track of his progress in college. When I heard Matt was going to use his law degree to be a prosecutor I remembered that small boy and how his life was shaped by the distinguished law enforcement career of his father, and his life-long association with the

courageous men and women in law enforcement.

I know Matt personally and professionally as he is my district attorney. I know of no better example of a prosecutor that has kept his promise to protect the public and tirelessly pursue criminals. Matt believes in aggressively prosecuting and seeking the maximum punishment for those that poison and victimize our society.

Corruption is rampant in New Mexico politics. I stake my reputation on the belief that Matt Chandler is born and raised to protect New Mexicans, weed out corruption, and track down criminals regardless of their status or position.

Please join me and other dedicated crime fighters in voting for Matthew Chandler for New Mexico attorney