Portales past: Oct. 13, 1953

Oct. 13, 1953 The Portales Daily News: A fishing hole on the high dusty plains was an immediate prospect, if J.M. Foster’s plans worked out as he figured. Foster was ready to scoop a 3-acre lake on his place 9 miles east of Portales. His plan was to stock it with yellow cat, bluegill, and […]

Portales past: Oct. 12, 1960

Oct. 12, 1960 The Portales News-Tribune: Bill Martin, Portales service station owner, showed Mayor Heck Harris that $1 of the $3.20 he just paid for 10 gallons of gasoline represented state and federal taxes.

Portales past: Oct. 11, 1960

Oct. 11, 1960 Portales News-Tribune: Eastern New Mexico University has received approval from the Board of Education Finance for the purchase of 64 acres of land west of the railroad tracks and four city blocks south of the campus for additional men’s dormitory sites.

Portales past: Oct. 10, 1947

Oct. 10, 1947 The Portales Daily News: Miss Cleo Bacon was elected president of the Portales Junior High School Student Body in a run-off election.

Portales past: Oct. 9, 1960

Oct. 9, 1960 Portales News-Tribune: By last night, 2,500 bushels of Portales Valley sweet potatoes had been stored in the Sweet Potato Association shed, according to manager J.D. Ray, after only a week’s operation.

Portales past: Oct. 8, 1953

Oct. 8, 1953 The Portales Daily News: Total on-campus enrollment at Eastern New Mexico University for the fall semester was 757, reported Miss Ruth Wheeler, registrar.

Portales past: Oct. 7, 1960

Oct. 7, 1960 Portales News-Tribune: The Highway Department ordered eight new road-building projects and indicated two others might be awarded a contract at the same time.

Portales past: Oct. 6, 1947

Oct. 6, 1947 The Portales Daily News: A decision on whether rent ceilings in the Portales-Clovis area were to be eliminated was expected within 30 days, according to George F. Maurer, area rent director in Denver.

Portales past: Oct. 5, 1960

Oct. 5, 1960 Portales News-Tribune: The New Mexico FFA Dairy Cattle Team of Loyd Belcher, Jesse Mulluns and alternate Larry Dee Hays, all of Dora, took part in the dairy judging at Waterloo Oct. 3-4. They were accompanied by their agriculture teacher, John Burrows

Portales past: Oct. 4, 1953

Oct. 4, 1953 The Portales Daily News: Guernsey cattle shown by Mayo Varnell of Rogers placed on two divisions at the Dairy Show at the New Mexico State Fair.