Finding choice parking spot is divine

By Helena Rodriguez: PNT columnist

According to New York Times best-seller Caroline Myss, synchronicity is an intellectual code for “divine action behind the scenes.” Using the example of “parking angels” she says synchronicity is when the right parking place shows up in front of you when you‘re running late.

During Labor Day weekend, I dreaded finding a parking spot at South Plains Mall in Lubbock when I went to meet my daughter, Laura, to buy decorations for her baby shower. Laura got to the mall with her in-laws first and they had to park far away. When I got there though, I drove right up to The Party Store and voila, parking.

Here’s a better example of synchronicity. In 2008, I taught a semester at Houston Community College. Dad and Laura helped me move; then they took an airplane home.

After leaving them at the airport on a Sunday morning, I started searching for a cathedral to go to mass. I typed an address in my Navigon, but when my in-car navigation system froze, I pulled over to call Laura, hoping she had Internet access.

As I looked up, people were walking in front of my car. Then I spotted a sign, “Holy Rosary church.”

It wasn’t the church I was looking for, but there I went.