Mock elections teach students about politics

By Argen Duncan: PNT senior writer

While adults were voting Tuesday, Lindsey-Steiner Elementary School students held their own mock governor election.

The votes were expected to be counted Wednesday. Social studies vertical team leader Sharon Rowley organized the mock election.

The fifth- and sixth-graders learned about candidates platforms and voting procedures before the mock election, said fifth-grade teacher Lee Ann Foster. She said she wanted students to know that everybody has a right to vote and it’s important to do so.

“It’s their duty as citizens,” Foster said.

Sixth-grader George Loewen said it was fun to decide who to support.

“I learned that it’s always important to listen to what the candidates have to say before voting for them,” he said.

Loewen said he voted for Republican Susana Martinez because she would increase the amount of money going to schools so students could learn better and do better things.

Loewen’s classmate Emily Villanueva said it was fun to learn about what the candidates promised to do if elected.

She said Martinez was the better choice “just because.”