Commissioners look at closing Price Ranch Road

At the Roosevelt County Commission meeting Tuesday commissioners:

• Appointed a road viewing committee to recommend whether Price Ranch Road should be closed. The road near Melrose Bombing Range runs through private property and is believed little used. Closing the road would remove a security issue for the ranch it runs through and allow the county to stop maintaining it. However, Commissioner Gene Creighton said the county or the Air Force would have to provide access to a cemetery in the area.

• Authorized County Manager Charlene Hardin to get an estimate on the cost of putting a pitched roof on Roosevelt County Law Enforcement Center. Hardin said the older portion of the building’s roof needed to be stripped and re-roofed. Crenshaw Consulting Group LP of Hobbs estimated the cost of re-roofing the flat roof at $290,000 to $320,000. Hardin said the roof leaks because of drainage problems.

• Awarded