My turn: Local communities acknowledge veterans’ service with ceremonies

Alisa Boswell

I have to say it made me proud to see how much acknowledgment our local communities and newspapers gave Veterans Day this year.

It was significant to me to write the Veterans Day cover story for the Clovis and Portales papers, because my father was in the U.S. Air Force for 22 years and my big brother is currently a Marine.

The significance of the military never really sunk in when I was a child and it was part of my every day life.

After being out of the military lifestyle for several years, it was visiting my brother this year and seeing the pride the Marines carried for their work that made the importance of this holiday sink in for me. I suddenly realized how proud I should be of my many family members who had chosen this career path.

This holiday held new meaning for me this year and being part of the flag dedication ceremony at Steed-Todd Funeral Home in Clovis yesterday was an honor.

Navy Reserve officer Rev. David Bachelor’s speech and prayer were deeply moving and it was enjoyable to see the pride and support our local communities show for the military.