Local shops good place to find gifts

Clyde Davis

With what do we give the ones we love, in this time and this place where there is so much economic turmoil — or is it inequality, or is it so much smoke and fuss over a normal situation?

With what, at any rate, do we make a meaningful impact on someone’s Christmas, when that someone is meaningful to us ?

This column seeks to answer that question by holding up local options, places in the Clovis/Portales area where you can find presents of unique quality and nature.

Perhaps, for starters, it is time to give to someone on your list now, a present which will hold meaning during the holiday season. Maybe you have someone who cannot decorate his or her own outside, due to health, time constraints, or some other reason.

Among other options, you could contact Garden Source just north of Portales, or Hamilton’s in Clovis. These and other nurseries are often involved in the outside decorating business.

Give the gift of creativity, for the artistic on your list. The Colour Factory, on North Main in Clovis, can set your loved one up with a chance to be creative, regardless of the age of the person who is receiving your generosity. Do it yourself projects and parties are something which these folks specialize in.

Perhaps your person is more of an art appreciator, than an art producer.

In that case, take a drive a few miles east of town, and stop at Gallery Fifteen, between Clovis and Texico. While you are at it, have lunch at their bistro.

Speaking of bistros, chain restaurants are not the only choice in our area. Particularly if you are giving to someone from out of town, you might want to give certificate to one of our locally owned, locally operated dining places or coffee shops – a taste of something uniquely Clovis.

After the holidays, a lot of people would probably appreciate a chance to slim down and tone up. Purchasing a gym club membership in one of the local workout facilities [including the HPE 128 course at CCC] would be a great way to say “I love you.”

Finally, there are the future focused gifts, extending some where beyond Christmas – the skiing trip in January, the horse drawn sleigh ride in February – any and all of the above which can be purchased and given for use at as later date.

I hope I have started your inner elf to thinking and acting, before you panic and end up with the midnight shoppers at you-know – where.