My turn: Knowing hunting requirements important

Dan Williams, public information officer with New Mexico Department of Game and Fish, said anyone under age 18 must successfully pass an approved hunter’s education course before they can hunt or buy a hunting license in New Mexico.

After that a person is pretty much set to hunt protected game, but there are different requirements when it comes to hunting.

Williams said while the deer hunting season is almost over, hunters must be part of a draw to hunt deer or elk on public or private land.

Hunters also need written permission from a landowner before they can hunt on private property.

Hunters can take coyotes and rabbits anytime of the year. Williams cautions, however, there are some species of rabbits that are protected. Check the department website for specifics.

Williams said hunters don’t need to participate in a draw to hunt waterfowl, quail or pheasants. Those licenses can be purchased over the counter at local stores.

Roosevelt County has three species of quail for hunters, said Williams.