My turn: Christmas card tradition continues

Helena Rodriguez

My Christmas cards will be late this year, but after a joyfully chaotic move during Advent, I was determined not to let die in my household this holiday tradition which requires pen and ink, not a keyboard, and actual stamps, not merely a “send” button.

On Sunday night, my dining room table was scattered with brightly colored Christmas cards as I wished family and friends across New Mexico, Texas and Arkansas a Feliz Navidad.

I know this tradition won’t die in my household. My son-in-law, Nino, got into the Christmas-card-sending-mode. I trust this tradition will continue with my new grandson, Giovanni. I asked Nino to pick a Christmas card for his mom. Soon Nino was asking for Christmas cards to send to his tios and tias, primos and brothers and sister. I had to buy more Christmas cards. Nino was taking the good ones. It was worth it.

I showed Nino my scrapbook of Christmas cards I’ve received over the years. I’m most proud of the cards from Margaret McTaggart, a nun with the Sisters of St. Casimir in Chicago. She was a nun in Clovis and then in Hobbs, where I met her in 1995. I always get her Christmas cards first, right after Thanksgiving.

As for Nino, he already wants to buy Christmas cards for next year.

Merry Christmas!