My turn: Christmas displays all right with me

The Portales News-Tribune (online and printed) ran numerous comments about the Nativity scene on the Portales courthouse lawn.

Some think that it violates separation of church and state. Others believe it represents Christian principles they say the country was founded on.

(I’ve never grasped the difference between these principles and just being a good person. No doubt, if cavemen had not practiced the Golden Rule, we would not be here to discuss the issue.)

I love Christmas, and have no problem with the display. The season can bring out the best in people and be a great time for visiting and giving heartfelt gifts to those we rarely see.

The frenzied gift-buying also boosts local and national economies.

Christmas is as much a part of our national fabric as Thanksgiving, July 4th and the Super Bowl.

Of course, it’s a no-brainer that others are entitled to equal access to displays on government property. Portales could be greatly enriched by a diversity of religious and non-religious ideas and celebrations.

In fact, I plan on stringing a hammock on the courthouse lawn this summer for my own “12 Days of the Caribbean Sun.” Cruise-ship memories will be the reason for my season.

Feel free to don your bay apparel and join me.