My turn: Christmas not a one-day affair

Helena Rodriguez

How long do you leave the Christmas tree up?

Some people have already undecked the halls. Some did it the day after Christmas, perhaps even on Christmas day, as soon as gifts were unwrapped.

I leave my Christmas tree up until July 4. Not really. However, I believe Christmas is a season, not a one-day affair.

Shame on retailers who had Christmas stuff out before Halloween and hauled it away on Dec. 26.

I used to leave my Christmas tree up until New Year’s Day, but then my friend Marsha told us she leaves her tree up until Jan. 6, which in Mexico is Dia de Los Reyes. In the U.S., this is Epiphany or The Twelfth Day of Christmas.

Epiphany is when the three kings brought gifts of myrrh, gold and frankincense to the baby Jesus. With no eBay and UPS, gifts were a little late.

I heard a woman on the radio say she leaves her tree up until Feb. 2, the Feast of the Presentation of Jesus in the temple. One year we left our tree up until March. Major procrastination.

I’ll take my tree down Jan. 7. However, my glass nativity, one of many I collect, will remain out year-round. Christmas spirit is not a one-day affair.