My turn: Hunter outsmarts self

Clarence Plank

A lot of things are very important when it comes to hunting, such as transportation and stealth.

The trick is to fool the game, not the hunter.

Danny Dictson, a ranch owner in Picacho who also sells permits to hunters, gives this example of stealth gone perhaps a bit too far:

Dictson said a friend bought a camouflage four-wheeler because the dealer told him it would help it blend in with natural surroundings.

On one hunting trip he parked it near a bunch of bushes so somebody wouldn’t steal it. Then, he walked about two or three miles to scout hunting possibilities.

The only problem — when he returned, he couldn’t find the four-wheeler.

Dictson said his friend spent most of afternoon walking around trying to distinguish between the vehicle and the foliage. The guy said he must have walked by it three or four times before he was able to find the four-wheeler.

A short time later, Dictson’s friend traded it in for a much easier to see red four-wheeler.