My turn: Next bestseller could be in my head

I was hard put to come up with something to write for my column this week, because due to being ill last week, I haven’t done anything since New Year’s Eve. Not going to events definitely puts a damper on writing about them.

Then as I thought, it occurred to me that I had experienced a very entertaining event during this down time after all. My next door neighbor and I had a Star Wars marathon and watched one of the six episodes each night for a week. During this week, I was also listening to the Harry Potter books on CD as I trekked back and forth between Clovis and Portales. This turned out to be a very dangerous combination but could also possibly be a multi-million dollar opportunity, considering I may have written the next big fantasy series in my mind completely unintentionally.

I had a Star Wars/Harry Potter dream in which Harry Potter, Luke Skywalker and I were being chased by Voldemort’s right-hand men, Darth Vader and the emperor, as we tried to destroy the Death Star, which happened to be one of Voldemort’s horcruxes.

So mixing sci-fi’s and fantasies is not conducive to sleep but could be conducive to a best seller. Any thoughts?