My turn: Low fat German chocolate cake worth a try

Argen Duncan

German chocolate cake is great low-fat. Really.

I was skeptical when a friend first offered me a piece of her low-fat, reduced-sugar German chocolate cake about a year ago. It’s a good thing I tried it, though.

The cake is chocolatey, moist and light. It doesn’t sit like a rock in your stomach for hours, as some German chocolate cakes do.

And it uses a mix, so it’s quick.

If you appreciate chocolate, you ought to try it — especially if you’re among the three-quarters of readers who probably don’t believe me right now.

To make the cake:

• Buy low-sugar German chocolate cake mix. Follow the directions on the box, with a few substitutions.

• Substitute equal volumes of applesauce for the oil or butter.

• Use egg substitute in an amount equivalent to the called-for number of eggs.

• Bake according to directions.

• Frost. My friend uses regular coconut-pecan icing, but says you can buy a low-sugar version.

• Store the cake in the refrigerator. Without the fat as a preservative, the cake will mold if you don’t.

Chocolate with fewer calories is worth a try, isn’t it?