My turn: Time to stop reacting to political pundits

Janice Morrow, a Portales resident who consults on media matters, and I recently discussed the state of political discourse. Here are her thoughts: They are a new breed of shock jocks.

Instead of offensive sexual innuendo and toilet humor, they — the right and left — practice theatrical political rhetoric.

And, the media is only too happy to pimp their pundits. Why not?

It gets their pundits more airtime, making them instant celebrities, and increased ratings are a network goldmine.

As for the hybrid candidates/pundits, when they babble, tweet or breathe, the balances in their checkbooks and Political Action Committee coffers grow exponentially.

So, what does that say about us — the people watching, listening, responding and donating?

We’re quick to blame the media — pundits, reporters, networks — and the candidates. But, if we weren’t buying the bull we wouldn’t be eating the beef — or having such beefs.

Yes, we eat it up. We’re anxious to react to the next big sound bite, taking little notice of the full breadth of issues.

If we want the debate to be worthy of those lost, we need to look at ourselves and wonder why we are motivated — not by what is actually accomplished in Washington — but by the nits and picks of those whose primary motive is profit.