My turn: Life’s surprises hold blessings

Often, when we don’t face fear, we’re forced to face regret.

Often, when we face fear, we’re met with unforeseen strength and abundant blessings.

I’m one of those annoying people who plan ahead. However, I’ve been thankful at times that things didn’t go as planned. And there have been times when things went as planned, only for me to realize that I would’ve been happier if things had been unplanned.

I watched the 38th annual March For Life on the EWTN Global Catholic Network Monday, an event which drew a record crowd of 50,000 to Washington, D.C., though, as usual, it had minimal media coverage. Even though new Speaker of the House John Boehner and dozens of other newly-elected pro-life Congressmen and women were present, keeping good on campaign promises made during November’s mid-term election, and even though same-sex marriage rallies of smaller proportion drew extensive media coverage.

Wisconsin Rep. Sean Duffy said, “I lived through an unplanned pregnancy and then I experienced unplanned joy.” It was also great to see New Mexico Congressman Steve Pearce speak.

I had an unplanned pregnancy in 1990. Many in my situation wouldn’t have chosen life. I did. Many woman regret having a choice, a choice of what? That’s an incomplete sentence. I’ve never heard someone say, “I regret not having an abortion.”