Their view: Film industry needed for state’s growth

Film industry needed for state’s growth

Responding to the governor’s state of the state address, Executive Director of the Motion Picture Association of New Mexico, Eric Witt, said:

“We strongly disagree with Gov. Susana Martinez’ stance on the future of New Mexico’s film industry. The film industry is the state’s most successful growth sector and job creator over the last decade.

“We agree that we must do more with less, which is why we believe that every incentive the state currently offers should be reviewed closely.” Witt continued. “Ninety-five percent of state incentive programs cover industries as diverse as oil and gas, farming, mining, and ranching, and other industries. Singling out the 5 percent directed toward film may seem politically expedient but our economy demands rational, fact-based governance, not politics at this point.

“The film industry supports the commission of a new study of the ROI for this and all other incentive programs in New Mexico. As the governor indicated, taxpayers deserve to get the best bang for our buck and that’s why we support close review of every incentive the state currently offers.”

Additional industry-driven proposals include increased transparency in reporting processes in this and all industries, modifications to the film loan program and a required bricks-and- mortar presence for companies to be eligible for the rebate.

Witt concluded, “We are here to work in a positive fashion with both the legislature and the administration to continue to improve our program and this incredibly beneficial industry for our state.”