Former newspaper carriers share recollections

Freedom New Mexico

Developer Charles Wade, 77, bills himself the oldest paperboy in Clovis, but that honor may go to Robert Johnson, 80, who has him by a couple of years.

The two are among the many former newspaper carriers responding to our call to recount their stories from the bygone days when kids slinging newspapers onto front porches was a daily routine.

Did we ever get a response.

There is Glen Spriggs, who delivered the CNJ while riding a mule. Roedean Cavener Jordan remembered delivering the Portales Daily newspaper on D-Day (1944) by knocking on doors at 2 a.m., shouting “Extra. Extra. The Yanks have landed in Normandy.”

What follows are recollections from lots more former carriers, men and women who collectively agree the experience was one that taught them much about life, responsibility and people: