Feb. 1 — Dora news

Science fair

The 2011 Dora School Science Fair was held last week and science teacher Leonard Velasquez announced the following winning projects:

• Best of Show — Jordan Inge with Worm Works.

• Best of Show Runner-Up — Anna Ramirez with Seven Layers of Density.

• First Place — Emily Campolla, Fluffy Muffins; Koby Cone, Water-Wise; Gowan Hays, How Do Oil Spills Affect the Ocean?; Daelynn Lee, Crash Test; and Dalton Thatcher, How Salty Does the Sea Have to be for an Egg to Float?

• Second — Ashley Butler, Is Mascara Really Waterproof?; Tyler Lewis, How Permanent is Permanent Ink?; Anthony Maloney-Pena, Do Water-Soaked Kernels Get the Best Pop?; Mackenzie Pickett, Moo Glue; Tay Urioste , Into Thin Air.

• Third — Andrew Gramzow, Pop Goes the Kernel; Sam McConnell, Which Soda Contains the Most Fizz?; Shalei Payne, How Do We Measure Wind Speed?; Saralyn McUne, Does Order Matter?; Cecelia Wallace, Man-Made Self Contained Environment.