My turn: Snow day offers break

My former co-worker, Brien Murphy, an Iowa native, would shake his head when it snowed and asked where the snow plows were. What snow plows? That was the west Texas mentality, as it is the eastern New Mexico mentality. Why pay thousands of dollars for plow trucks the city will only use once a year? Let’s just shut the town down, wait for the sun to melt the snow, and have a snow day!

Those words, “snow day,” were music to our ears as kids. Of course, we sang a different tune when we lost a spring break day.

I love snow when I don’t have to drive in it. But, like Brien, it cracks me up how things come to a crawl, even when we get a light white dusting. Interestingly, though, on a good snow day, people still manage to make it to Greyhound Arena, I guess in their sleighs, to snowboard.

I think more snow is on its way. If so, they’re in trouble in Amarillo. I saw on the news that half of their highway department is busy doing more important things than being on standby for a blizzard. They’re at Cowboy Stadium, helping get ready for The Super Bowl, which won’t be very super without the Cowboys.

Yes, we have our winter priorities.