My turn: Local bands have variety of sounds

Last weekend, I went to watch the local band Something Blue perform. They played a variety of classic oldies, modern day hits and their own songs. Their lyrics are well written and their music has a milder Jason Mraz sound to it.

The band will now be performing Thursday nights at the Dawg Houze and about once a month at Mark’s. Be sure to look for their performances in the newspaper events calendar. Three other local bands who can be seen regularly are The Anima Process, For the Suffering and Travis Erwin and the Roadside Business.

If anyone knows any local bands or wants they’re performances mentioned, don’t forget to e-mail me. I’m always looking for more entertainment.

This weekend, I look forward to not only being able to finally be finished moving from one house to another, but I am also excited to be attending tonight’s Chinese New Year of the Rabbit Banquet at Eastern New Mexico University. This is the first year I have been able to attend and I am definitely looking forward to it.