My turn: Hunger pangs lead to unique sayings

Helena Rodriguez

When my sister Julie gets really hungry she says, “My big tripas are eating my little tripas.”

This translates into, “My big gut is eating my little gut” or as my Uncle Paul’s wife, Roxanne, of Arkansas, says, “My belly button is about to munch on my spine.”

Most of us know the saying, “I’m so hungry, I could eat a horse.” My son-in-law, Nino, told me one of his sayings, “I’m starving like a hostage.”

That’s new to me, but I get the picture.

When my daughter Laura says she’s starving, I correct her and say, “Laura, you’re not starving to death.” How many of us parents have told that to our children?

Getting a small hunger pang or the munchies is not the same as starving to death. I’m not going to lecture here how much we take food for granted, and how much food we waste, which we’re all guilty of, but that’s food for thought.

Speaking of wasting food, what do you do when you drop something on the floor? Depends on the floor, right?

Recently, Nino also alerted me to an unwritten “five-second rule.”

If you pick it up in less than five seconds, it’s still edible.

As a kid, the rule was, “The devil done licked it!”