My turn: I don’t think Roy did it this way

I grew up watching Roy Rogers every Saturday morning. Roy could ride like the wind. Roy could jump off of a big rock and knock a bad guy off his horse. Roy could jump off of Trigger onto a bad guy’s horse and knock him off.

I was watching Roy a couple of nights ago. Roy jumped off his horse, ran around a rock, and jumped on the back of a car before the bad guys could get away.

I got to thinking, I bet old Roy never had to do any exercise program. I just can’t picture Roy in a tank top and shorts doing jumping jacks, or sweatin’ to the oldies.

I don’t think he ever needed to. He got his the old fashioned way — good hard work.

Roy was in good shape. He was fit and trim right to the end.

I bet if I had done some of the things Roy did, jumping off horses, climbing rocks and jumping off on bad guys, I would be in good shape too.

I didn’t do those things. I have to put on the tank top and shorts and do those jumping jacks.

I sure am glad Roy can’t see me doing this.