Meetings watch: RGH board of trustees

The Roosevelt General Hospital Board of Trustees met on Feb. 26, just prior to conducting a Governance and Administration educational retreat.

The meeting was conducted by Dr. Lonnie Alexander with all members present.

A review of the January financial statements and balance sheet was presented by Eva Stevens, chief financial officer.

Gross revenues were $3,612,785, up 5 percent over the average monthly revenues. Deductions from revenues, unpaid revenues, were 20 percent higher than the monthly average resulting in a net operating revenue of $1,854,766.

Operating expenses of $1,959,055 were 3 percent higher due to the increase in business volume. Net operating revenue reflected a loss of $104,289 for the month of January.

Year to date, the hospital is still $628,775 in the black with a 4.5 percent positive operating margin. Stevens reported that even though the hospital and clinic revenues were higher for the month of January, reduced payments from insurance, Medicare, Medicaid and a higher amount of charity and bad debt caused the loss for the month.

Larry Leaming, chief executive officer, regretfully reported that two physicians have indicated their desire to leave the RGH Physicians clinic.

Dr. Leslie Donaldson, internal medicine, stated his desire to be closer to family and will leave RGH the end of April to pursue a hospital position with Presbyterian Regional Medical Center in Clovis.

Dr. James Jex, general surgeon, will leave RGH the end of May to help care for his parents in Utah. Both physicians expressed their sincere appreciation for the support of the local community, regrets about leaving Portales and hopes everyone would understand their need to attend to personal and family needs at this point in their lives.

Leaming also reported that the clinic is continuing work to expand services to the community with longer clinic hours, urgent care and physician recruitment. Two new physicians, Dr. Dotun Akinmurele and Dr. Erika Garcia, are coming to Portales this summer and the clinic is continuing their recruitment efforts to add additional physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners.

The RGH Physicians Clinic is also working with architects to develop plans to remodel and expand the clinic facility to accommodate urgent care and the newly recruited medical providers.